Except I think there's a problem with pre-transition trans women or nonbinary/genderqueer males saying cis women are scum/need to die, especially when these people pass as men and benefit from male privilege while cis women will certainly be harrassed/be at risk from rape or abuse... like sex-based oppression exists too, so cis women are oppressed along one axis that trans women/nb people are not?

Posting this as I believe this is a perspective that needs to be considered. 

In regards to the comic-

If anyone was curious about what the message of my comic was: it’s that cis people that see “cis-hate” on tumblr can simply just log out because they have the privilege to just ignore it and carry on.

Obviously that’s just my opinion though.

One thing I admit that I should have done was to make sure I was sarcastic about “cisphobia” existing.

Anyways I’m glad it fueled a lot of discussion.

EDIT: AND I made it on Reddit too! Where users are making the assumption that I excuse harassment towards peeps online (even though I didn’t even suggest that we should harass anyone), and are making the assumption that a post on tumblr that says any variation of “die cis scum” that is easily ignored by cis people online is the same as the type of harassment trans people face almost everywhere.

You can’t equivocate this because not everyone is on equal footing in society. 

I’d be happy to discuss with anyone via pm, (and on Reddit: /u/bossibly) if they like. Although I welcome anon messages, I don’t feel like cluttering this tumblr with responses from anons, unless they say something that re-evaluates my viewpoint. Please feel free to make an account and never use it for anything else if you want to discuss. 

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